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⇒  Please Ensure that the part use in the smartphone is available or not during receiving the phone.

⇒  You are responsible if any other problem happens in mobile during repairing.

⇒  tell to mansarochan executive if any problem in mobile before repairing which is not told by executive.

⇒  check before packing the mobile that it's working completely or not.

⇒  Return mobile if you can't repair mobile in same Condition as soon as possible. If mobile goes to other workshop for same problem and happening new issue before repairing then 1st workshop holder is resposible.

⇒  If you have not available part of mobile then you can do up to 24 hours. If you have available part of mobile then you can do up to 4 hours.

⇒  If you have not Available part of mobile please do not Accept mobile for repairing. 

⇒  Payment will be credited in your Account 48 to 72 hours.

⇒  You have to Update rate of part and part name on my website mansarochan. 

⇒  Submit part of mobile which is replace by mansarochan partner to Mansarochan office.

⇒  If Any original part of mobile is misplaced or changed during repairing Repairing partner is responsible for this.

⇒  Any Smartphone is missed by partner then partner have to give mobile or have to pay Ammount of smartphone within 72 hours.

⇒  Partner have to take Guarantee to customer For 48 hours after repairing.

⇒  If you use temporary part for repairing, customer complain continuously 3 times then you will not receive your payment for this Transaction and Your Account will be Blocked.

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